Is this the end for The reason behind my hiatus.

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Hi, it has been a while, hasn't it?

Yes, the title speaks for itself - I have been considering for the longest time as to whether I should leave this forum behind. It has been almost a year since I was last active updating this website (minus those once a month posting) and I feel it is time to share what's going on behind the screen.

Many things have changed as you can tell from the last few updates - I've moved to a different job, which required me to be based in Ipoh for 8 months (Anyway, I back in KL for about 3 months now.Yay!) I almost never go out to any social events/launches. I also have been very quiet on social media (Eg: Closed down my public page). I guess you can say my "lifestyle" changed quite a lot but it is not a factor about losing the interest that has caused my hiatus - it was my battle with my skin.

I've got many friends, both near and far, who often share their kind compliments about my blogging "life". Among the very few I often hear are,

It must be great to do what you do… you get to try so many new products!
Soo nicee la your blogging perks!! Get to receive so many beauty stuff!
Damn, I am so jealous of the perks you're getting! I also want to be a blogger la

Sounds pretty flattering, huh? Well, it was to be honest. But (There's always a but), I'm pretty sure people won't envy the other side of the interest I am facing now.

So what happened?

Are you guys familiar with cystic acne? Cystic acne is a type of pimple that form deep within your skin, in the pores, creating a red tender bump that's full of pus. Some sort like those pimples you get that are so painful and itchy but it doesn't have a head. Yeah, I have it all around my chin and some on my neck… and it has been around for at least a year and a half.

How did it happen?

To be frank, I really don't have a clue. Some medical website mentioned it could be caused by imbalanced hormones, stress, but the one factor I believed is most applicable is the gazillion years of bacteria build up, leading to infection and probably the fact that I've been mistreating my sensitive skin.

My favorite topic on my blog is obviously beauty (no surprises there) and for years, I've been using my skin as a testing ground for any/every type of product. Now, this is very crucial for me to set a disclaimer as I do not intend for any misunderstanding: 

I am not referring to any specific product/treatment/supplements that I've used as a factor to my current condition. 

However, I know for sure that my skin couldn't manage any further being a tester and it is rioting on my face.

The linking bridge

Now, I have the bottom half of my face decorated with cystic acne, dressed with patches of dry spots peeling off from my skin. So, no doubt as a beauty blogger, I was devastated. After trying countless of medical products, I just gave up trying to keep up with the whole "beauty life" and hid from the scene. Hence, the lack of updates (because photos play a big role when I write) and I just couldn't bring myself to take any pictures/video with my skin looking like this.

Every time I look into the mirror, I get reminded about this self conflicted issue. So, I just stopped and only do what is necessary - dress up for work, doll up for work and go home to sleep it off.

I've splurged tons of money buying "guaranteed successful" products/services, even seen the dermatologist, but those are just temporary fix-ups. The cystic acne never went away, in fact, it spread and so did with my negative energy.

So what now?

For starters, I've stopped testing out any sort of skin care products and just continue using what seemed to "sustain" the issue. So, beauty reviews will continue to pause for a while. Thank you to all dear sponsors who have been offering me wonderful beauty stuff for reviews, but I need to apologize as my skin won't allow me to until further notice.

As for my skin, I am currently going for multiple treatments (at my own expense) with one skin clinic in particular to see if they can help with my skin condition. I have mixed feelings about being hopeful but let's see how it goes.

Aside from that, I'm very much focused on my job now and things are going well with Mr.V (In case, any of you still remember and are curious about this subject).

Other than that, my life has been pretty plain. So, back to the question… is this the last post for I'm still indecisive but I do hope things will be for the better and maybe, the mojo will find its way back to me. Beauty bloggers who are still running the show, I salute you and your skin! But, do take this as some sort of awareness call and don't let it be too late before you truly care for your skin.

I want to thank you for your faithful reading despite serious lack of updates. It still amazes me, or puzzles me, as to why anyone would bother checking in from time to time (Yea, I still see some view stats. I am very grateful!).

Goodbye for now, it may not be the end.

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  1. babe, i'm actually facing the same issue like u. On and off, i got this problem. And it always on my face! T.T

  2. NOOOOO!! Continueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee <3