Zippy Billboard Ads That Get Read

Zippity-zap; no-one likes to get stuck in traffic, but so it goes in this day and life. Most folks, have by now, got the message. And while there are those drivers who simply have no other choice, there are those others who got the message but chose to ignore it. And what was this message? Well, in plain, simple terms, to cut down on traffic congestion and help reduce the cities’ (and surrounds) carbon footprint, people were being encouraged to make use of public transport networks instead.

mobile billboard advertising

But still the roads are full. There’s one other public services message that does get read. It doesn’t get missed. This is thanks to the novel idea of mobile billboard advertising, and it is deliberately eye-catching, if you will. The message cannot be missed because it’s that important. It says that all drivers and their passengers must buckle up. And yet still, there are those who did read the message – how could they not, it could never be missed – but chose to ignore it.

The good thing about this message is that at least it is controllable. While public authorities have their hands full trying to get people off of the roads, the law enforcement agencies are in full force. And if you get caught unbuckled, off the road you go. You could even lose your license, it’s that serious and it’s that enforceable in some towns. Now, more than likely, the mobile billboard vans have permission, and are given full encouragement, to be on the roads.

Public authorities approve. The zippy messages are important and should be seen by all and sundry. And yes, local municipalities will get a slice of the advertising revenue pie. So, did you get this message? Good.